Grow in the Garden (City & Guilds Level 1 Award)

10:00am — 2:00pm

markus spiske vrbZVyX2k4I unsplash

We often hear that getting outside in nature is good for us…But why?

During this new course, we will explore how nature and gardening can benefit our wellbeing. You will gain an understanding of the theory of why connecting with nature can have such a beneficial effect as well as experience it for yourselves by taking part in practical activities.

Focusing on a different theme each week, we will be outside in nature or inside in our propagation and potting areas getting hands on with plants and learning new skills.

Examples of activities include:

  • Propagating new plants by sowing seeds or taking cuttings
  • Maintaining and caring for a planted area.
  • Repotting and planting new plants
  • Exploring the surrounding landscape and taking notice of the signs of the changing seasons
  • Creative activities such as photography
  •  And many more!

Participants will gain

  • An introduction to wellbeing through horticulture
  • A City and Guilds Level 1 award in practical horticulture
  • An opportunity to develop a network within the local community with like-minded people
  • An insight into the world of horticulture, providing a stepping stone into a rewarding career that has so many benefits.

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