Introduction to Herbalism & Plant Medicine

10:00am — 3:00pm


Julia Behrens, a Medicinal Herbalist, has been practising and teaching medicinal herbalism for over 20 years. As a published author, she also advises GPs and patients on harnessing nature's science for their health.  Julia feels strongly that the environment has an enormous impact on your health and looks forward to sharing information about the medicinal properties of plants from the sea and land to promote natural ways of living. 

Julia makes many of her herbal preparations and uses herbs from organic, sustainable, and traceable sources as far as possible.

James, a horticulture tutor for 15 years, holds a degree in medicinal horticulture. He currently teaches horticulture to adults as well as managing a plant nursery. James’ interests focus on growing essential oil crops and the pharmacology of plant-based alkaloids.

This course combines horticulture and growing with the benefits of traditional natural remedies and herbs.

Day 1 will be understanding the morphology of plants and how you can identify them. There will be a focus on plant identification keys and the basic life cycles of plants that help us understand when to harvest. You will spend the following 2 days learning how herbs support our health so you can add them to your everyday medicine cabinet. It will be a hands-on course that will give you the knowledge to harvest and create tinctures and herbal remedies tailored to specific ailments.

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