Creative Concertina Sketchbooks

10:00am — 3:30pm


Unfold your creativity in a 16 foot long concertina sketchbook!

This unique format invites all sorts of intriguing ways to draw and paint and collage, and One Garden Brighton provides a huge variety of inspiration for the process.

We'll begin the day with an introductory tour with fascinating head gardener, Pete. Then Seana will share a number of playful, experimental approaches to open your artist's eye and see as an artist sees, starting with drawing directly from the garden (let's hope it doesn't rain!)


And if you think you can't draw, don't be afraid! This day is perfect for first time beginners or more experienced artists. It's impossible to make a mistake!


We'll also work with the luscious Anilinky watercolours and let them work their magic. The day will go back and forth between painting and drawing in the studio and the garden, learning new techniques and trying them out, puntuated by a delicious lunch at One Garden Kitchen.


I won't guarantee that you'll fill all 16 feet, but you'll make an impressive start on your creative journey.




A private tour of the garden

A set of Anilinky brilliant watercolours

A watercolour brush and pencil

An A4 Seawhite's Concertina Sketchbook

Lunch at One Kitchen with a glass of wine

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