Cultivating Mushrooms Workshop

10:00am — 11:30am


As the fascination for mushrooms grow and we learn more about how they can help us both environmentally and a physically we find our workshops have become ever so popular amongst curious minds wanting to know more.

Cultivate your own oyster mushrooms in 5-10 litre bucket.

Growing in buckets is a great way to grow larger quantities of mushrooms, giving you 2-3 consecutive harvests. This growing technique allows you to remix and grow again from your own predrilled container. Average yield 1 - 5kilo.

During our workshop we will supply you with your own growing bucket, and will get you mixing your first Oyster mushroom substrate. We will guide you though the preparation and growing process, teaching you how to grow, harvest, and regrow your first mushroom. You will receive a full set of instructions, these will include refill guidelines so you can go on to grow a variety of delicious and gourmet mushrooms.

Once you have grown and harvested your mushrooms, you can order a new mushroom refill kit and get growing different varieties at home.

Growing requirements: We will supply your with a predrilled 5 litre bucket and instructions, during the workshop you will mix and fill your own substrate. Your bucket will need to be kept in a cool, dark environment for 3 weeks After this time it will be ready for your mushrooms to get growing. You will need to bring your bucket into the light and spraying it with a mister twice a day to encourage a good healthy crop of oyster mushrooms. Once finished the content of your bucket can be composed to disposed off. You can then refill your bucket with a new, freshly mixed substrate.

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