Fermentation Workshop

11:00am — 4:30pm

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Join Ferments By The Sea on this introductory adventure and journey through magical world of the fermentation and traditional preserving techniques.

Learn how to make your own kimchi and sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir and vegan cheeses and discover the world of fermentation - one of the oldest preservation techniques.

Making your own fermented foods is one of the best and simplest things you can do to improve your health - and it's less expensive and complicated than you might think! And it is so much fun.

The morning will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking in small groups, with lots of tips, talking and tasting. You will get to have a go at making kimchi and sauerkraut or a jar of seasonal fermented vegetables from a choice of locally grown seasonal produce and spices as well as get a chance to try some flavoured kombuchas, kefirs and vegan cheeses.

You will go home with a few jars of your own unique ferments plus your own starters ( scone and grains) and plenty inspiration as well as recipes to keep experimenting with the fermented food and drinks in your own kitchen .

The session is suitable for those following vegan and gluten free diet . If you have any special dietary requirement or allergies please get in touch.

This workshop is a fundraiser for the women refuge that has been providing vital support for the women and children affected by the domestic violence.

The Women Refuge is a safe heaven for women and their families that had to flee their homes due to the abuse they experienced. The Brighton Refuge provides accommodation and support for women and their children as well as specialist help with advice, referrals, counselling ,advocacy and general well being support for women and their children. The staff team also help people to move into permanent and safe accommodation once they left the refuge, assist with finding secure employment and to access the key services they need to support their recovery.


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