Mixed-media Collage | The Garden in Spring

10:00am — 3:30pm

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Day one. gelli-printing and watercolour


Inspired by the garden, we gather and make our materials.

We'll dive straight in, working together to splash watercolour on to the tissue paper that will become luminous layers of colour and light.

Pete, the head gardener of One Garden Brighton will give us a private tour of the beautiful front garden.

And then you will be let loose with your scissors for a bit of judicious snipping!

We will gelli-print directly from grasses and foliage you have foraged to make evocative impressions for collage.

After our delicious lunch, you will have time to breathe deep in the garden, and then hopefully our morning watercolour tissues will be dry, and we will gelli print directly onto these transparent papers, as well as music, maps, old book pages and whatever you like!


Day two. Collage and acrylic on canvas


With all the beautiful sheets of coloured tissue and array of botanical prints ready, today we will play and experiment with compositions and combinations, layering the tissues and prints into your personal interpretations, your visual poems and songs that capture your response to the gardens.

NO drawing necessary! (Unless you want to, of course!)

You will create one finished canvas, ready to adorn your home, and one playful concertina sketchbook filled with gelli prints, colour and ideas for future work.

Price includes:

2 Lunches at One Garden Kitchen with a glass of local wine

1 set of Anilinky brilliant watercolours

Use of all the materials for the gelli printing.

1 A5 Seawhite's concertina sketchbook

All tissues, glues and mediums

1 20cm x 50 box canvas.

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