Pottery with Sarah Vosmer

11:00am — 1:00pm

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Join Sarah Vosmer for a lovely relaxing pottery workshop in the atrium at One Garden Brighton. 

During the workshop you will make 5 personalised decorations of your choice.  You could make Heart decorations, Christmas tree decorations, coasters or tiles. Why not make them as presents for friends and loved ones? Or just keep them for yourself. you'll be using seasonal foliage, fabrics and letter stamps to create your decorations.

We will then look at different glazing / painting techniques and you will decorate a pre-fired ceramic trinket bowl. 

Sarah will fire your work and glaze your pottery to your specifications and return them to one Garden approximately 3 weeks later ready for you to collect. 

Feel free to message Sarah: sarahspotteryclub@hotmail.co.uk or 07751069426 for further enquiries. 

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