Sustainability Festival

10:30am — 5:00pm

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Our Sustainability Festival will bring people together to spark meaningful conversations about our planet. With a curated selection of stalls, talks, workshops, children's activities and locally sourced food and drink we will explore practical ways of contributing to a greener future. 

One Garden Brighton supports the local community to build skills and inspire sustainable change. We are a space for local people to connect and enjoy nature. We welcome community groups to use the gardens and historic buildings for their events and workshops, as well as utilising our expert teams to learn more about the benefits of being in a green space.


10.30am-11.15am (Location: SP5)

Future Water Associates - ‘The Importance of Water: 'Going with the flow: Becoming a water advocate'                                                                             

How does water get to your tap and where does it go when you flush the toilet? Join Hannah Spencer, from Future Water Association who will talk about the issues facing the water sector and water in all its forms and how we can work to conserve it and raise awareness about what that actually means.                                                                                  

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11.30am-1:00pm (Location: SP4)

Sustainable Fashion Panel

Join the team that brought you Brighton's very first Sustainable Fashion Week as we weigh the benefits and drawbacks of choosing natural fibres for your wardrobe. Explore actionable steps to foster a more sustainable fashion industry and discover grassroots initiatives in the Brighton area that offer tangible ways to actively participate in shaping a more environmentally friendly fashion landscape.

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1:00pm-2:00pm (Location: Greenhouse, meet in the Atrium)

Behind the scenes Hydroponics tour and talk

Join Will Benson from, a company who are the forefront of the vertical farming revolution in the UK.  

Seedleaves have helped One Garden Brighton set up their own vertical tower farm in our main greenhouse. This supplies our restaurant with leafy produce 9 months of the year. Learn how this cutting-edge vertical farming technology creates sustainable, community-focused food systems. invites you to explore how vertical farming can transform the future of agriculture in urban environments.

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1.00pm-1.45pm (Location: SP5)

Conscious Lab Wear Next Fashion 4Nature

Join Conscious Sustainable Fashion Experts Sarah Ratty, George Hooper and guests Sophia Lorimer from Ideal Home Show and Lyra Morley winner BBC Style it out! talk about fashion 4Nature easy wins that everyone can enjoy repair, rewear and remake fashion forward style solutions and a Live Styling Session find your style tribe and enjoy the fun of fashion 4 a cooler planet.

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2:00pm-3:30pm (Location: SP2)

Stitch Club - Sashiko Stitch Style Your Threads

What to Expect:
A relaxing and creative atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of nature. Learn the art of Japanese Sashiko Stitching for mindful mending. Customisation: Bring your favourites clean t-shirts, pre-loved holey jeans, denim jackets, and let your
creativity flow!
All stitching and creative design materials supplied.

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2.15pm-3.15pm (Location: SP4)

Sustainable medicine: How to grow your own health. With  Dr Sarah Andersen and Julia Behrens, Medical Herbalist

Discover the power of growing your own health through natural remedies and practices. Learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insights on holistic approaches to well-being. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this event is perfect for anyone interested in nurturing their health in a sustainable way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to cultivate a healthier lifestyle!

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3.30pm-4.30pm (Location: SP5)

Film screening and Q and A ‘Kelp!’

KELP! Under the looming shadow of ecological breakdown, a young filmmaker goes in search of a surprising super-solution that can help build a better future for humans and the planet. Join her and the crew on an epic visual journey aboard the good ship Gleaner through Britain's rugged coastline, as they discover the power of kelp to regenerate our coasts, empower communities and even replace plastics.

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As well as our series of talks, we'll be joined by lots of incredible stall holders:

Captain Paul Watson Foundation

Corner Atelier

Action for Happiness


Woolly Umbrella Yurts

Sussex Wildlife Trust

Schools Without Walls


Old Tree Brewery

Fork and Dig It


Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

Gladrags Costumes



Brighton Greenpeace Group

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