City Set to Sparkle with New Winter Light Experience: The Brighton Lights

  • November 2023
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A new winter light experience is about to take Brighton by storm as locals prepare to welcome The Brighton Lights at One Garden Brighton. From 15 - 23 December, residents and visitors are set to be enchanted by an amazing display of festive lights, making it a top City attraction this December.


As Brighton's inaugural winter light experience, The Brighton Lights will mark a new standard for seasonal celebrations in the City, uniting the community through the magic of light, and set to become a tradition that will brighten the long winter nights.


During the 9-day event, attendees can expect to be transported into a magical wonderland as One Garden Brighton is adorned with shimmering lights, gleaming installations and captivating projections. The carefully curated displays promise to delight all ages, from children to the young-at-heart, with a showcase of local artistry, imagination and, of course, lights!


More than just a visual spectacle, The Brighton Lights will also feature live music performances by talented local musicians and an array of food and drink options provided by local vendors. 


"We are thrilled to partner with the Brighton Lights team and welcome Brighton's first winter light show to One Garden Brighton," shared Kelly Jolly, One Garden Brighton’s General Manager. “With live music, delicious food and the stunning lights, The Brighton Lights aims to offer a complete and magical winter experience for our visitors.”


The Brighton Lights team bring a wealth of worldwide event management experience including community and outdoor art shows, successful light installations, Brighton Festival and Brighton Pride events and more. 


Speaking on behalf of the Directors of The Brighton Lights. Poppie Sharman said: "We are incredibly excited to bring The Brighton Lights to life. Our vision is to create a family-friendly experience that becomes an integral part of the City's winter festivities for years to come.  


“One Garden Brighton is known for its commitment to sustainability and community engagement and aligns perfectly with The Brighton Lights values. The partnership between our two organisations aims to foster a sense of togetherness, unity, and appreciation for nature - all while brightening up the winter nights with a display of lights.”

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Adults £16

Children (under 16) £10

Family Workshops with ArtPod £4

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