Animal and Equine Communication Day Workshop

9:00am — 4:30pm

Touch of Reiki 1

Animal and Equine Communication Workshop

Workshop led by Touch of Reiki

Within this workshop, you will engage in animal communications, by understanding, learning and practising how to connect and listen to all animals and equines. You will learn how to quieten our minds to enable us to connect and most importantly listen to the animals and equines, and how to connect in a respectful way, showing respect for what the animals and equines may wish to communicate and what they may not be ready to communicate.

You will discover a variety of methods of how animals and equines communicate with us, a word, a picture, a taste, a feeling, how to translate the information we receive to communicate this to the guardian/ carer.

Animal communication is a wonderful tool to have to help, support and understand the animal who may need to manage or move forward from a possible Illness, condition, or trauma. Animal communication helps to understand what the animal, needs to have the best quality of life and what they may need to fully enrich their life. This workshop will allow you to develop the skills so you can communicate with an animal or equine anywhere in the world. 

This session is held within the Listed Barn at One Garden Brighton. Please bring warm clothing for this session during the winter months. 

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