Watercolour Wednesdays


Watercolour Wednesdays at One Garden, Brighton. Starting 1st November 2023 for 5 weeks.

The benefits of experiencing and doing art are extensive on our brains and general well-being. Focusing on art and being in the 'creative zone' gives us a chance to connect with others and learn something new.

The Love Art Studios team are experienced with providing safe and supportive space for people to come and experiment and explore a variety of materials, while learning new skills in a super calm setting.

During these sessions you will be shown a variety of techniques and ways to measure, shade, colour and arrange composition. From week 2, you will be invited to bring your own pictures to work from or choose from real life items we bring in or pictures we provide. We provide plenty of art materials will be on hand to support you. Some projects may go on for weeks or you may want to do something new each week, it will be lead at your own pace.

We look forward to welcoming our group and sharing our tips and skills with you to enjoy in and out of our classes.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • as little or as much guidance as you like

You can learn:

  • Composition planning
  • Drawing guidance
  • Measuring, negative spaces and shading
  • Creating depth

Adults only

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