Canine Self-Selection Introductory Workshop

9:00am — 4:30pm

Touch of Reiki 2

Canine Self-Selection and Self-Medication Introductory Workshop

Workshop led by Touch of Reiki

This Introductory day workshop will enable you to work on your own dog or you may just wish to develop your knowledge and skills in this area for other reasons. The self-selection and self-medication elements of the workshop will cover powders, essential oils, clays, hydrosols, and macerated oils.

You will gain the knowledge and skills observing how dogs self-select and or self-medicate, and how to know when the canine is selecting the remedy you offer, or not. You will also understand the releases to look out for from the canine on the selection when the canine has taken the dosage required.

This workshop will allow you to cover a range of conditions and illness from dogs, and prepare you to work with your own dogs or give you the knowledge and skills to use in a workplace environment. 

This session is held at One Garden Brighton. Please bring warm clothing for this session during the winter months. 

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