Introduction to Pruning at the Right Time Workshop

10:00am — 4:00pm

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A one day course perfect for horticulture beginners or those wanting to expand and grow their plant and gardening knowledge

Spend a wonderful day at One Garden Brighton, home of our Stanmer Campus, and learn from our expert Plumpton College Horticulture tutors, to learn new skills on understanding how to prune your garden at the right time. 

Pruning is an essential gardening skill. Pruning at the right time and with the correct technique encourages healthy growth and flowering (in the case of flowering plants), as well as creating aesthetically pleasing spaces.  

Whether you are a beginner or just need a refresher this will help your garden look its best in all seasons and bring longevity to your borders.

During this one day workshop you will learn:

  • Why we should prune and what are the benefits
  • How and when is the best time to prune particular shrubs, perennials and grasses
  • Learn the techniques to bring longevity to your garden and rejuvenate and invigorate existing plants

A day workshop to enjoy with friends and family or meet likeminded people. 

Our Stanmer Campus is the home of One Garden Brighton. You will be working from our specially designed teaching and workshop spaces nestled within the newly reinvented Stanmer walled garden. 

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