Lion Painting Workshop

10:00am — 12:30pm

lions new copy
Lion Painting Workshop One Garden Brighton

get messy and paint

In this 2.5-hour workshop, students will learn how to draw a lion! We will look at the work of Children's book author/illustrators Catherine Rayner and Helen Stephens and create our own paintings of lions.   

By the end of the session:

Students will have produced an A3 painting of a lion.

Students do not need to have any previous art experiences in order to enjoy this class - they only need a love for being creative and an openness to try new things is beneficial.

Please wear old scruffy clothes or bring an overall. We may get messy!

Suitable for ages 7+. Tickets cost £20. 

CONTACT: to book your child a place.

About Sabina

Sabina is a fully-qualified art teacher. The bulk of her teaching experience before having her own children was in secondary school and 6th form college, where Sabina taught Art and Design, Fine Art, Graphics and Textiles. 

These days, Sabina teaches younger children (age 7 to 12) at a local art club that she has set up. Sabina teaches both face-to-face and online. Sabina states it's wonderful not to be bound by the constraints of a school curriculum, so she design projects around what skills the children will learn, what they will enjoy, and what will make them feel good about themselves. It’s important to Sabina that the children have fun, love their creations, and build their confidence through art. 

Sabina also teaches adult art and printmaking workshops, held during the day and in the evenings.  

You can find out more on my Facebook page here

In addition to teaching, Sabina is a practising illustrator, constantly creating and developing her own skills. You can see examples of her own work on her instagram page here