Book signing with Julia Behrens and Daphne Lambert

3:30pm — 5:00pm

lost in lyme


Renowned medical herbalist Julia Behrens and eco nutritionist Daphne Lambert will be at One Garden on Sunday 11th June  for a book signing and to answer any questions you may have about Lyme Disease

With Lyme Disease on the increase ‘Lost in Lyme’ is a timely book to raise awareness & help people understand Lyme Disease.

The book includes an abundance of well researched and in depth information to help improve well being for sufferers of Lyme Disease and offers insights and practical advice on how to use medicinal plants safely and effectively. 

Whether  you are a  healthcare professional, herbalist, dog walker, camper, gardener,  love being in nature or simply an individual looking for alternative ways to support  health this book will provide you with invaluable information. 

  "Lost in Lyme" provides a definitive guide on Lyme Disease and is a must-read resource for anyone interested in managing the disease using medicinal plants. 

Come and buy your book and join Julia & Daphne for the book signing

Julia Behrens qualified as  a Medical Herbalist  25 years ago. During this time she has gained a specialist and in depth understanding of the complexities of Lyme Disease and its co infections. She is a well-known health activist, having published articles on the conservation of medicinal plants in the European Journal of Herbal Medicine and created conservation fact sheets for the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Julia has also shared her knowledge on medicinal plants on programs, such as Channel 4's Food Unwrapped and BBC’s  Gardener's Question Time and cookery  cruise .  Her  passion and dedication to  herbal medicine has made her a leading figure in the field. Julia was a contributing  author to Neals Yard Remedies Healing Herbs published by Dorling Kindersley 

Daphne Lambert is a chef, eco-nutritionist, and organic gardener. She has been a passionate environmentalist throughout her adult life, dedicating over twenty-five years to the field of nutrition. 

For over three decades, Daphne was the co owner and chef of the first certified organic restaurant, receiving numerous awards.  She is the  founding member of Greencuisine Trust, a charity that focuses on the interactions between agriculture, ecology and human nutrition. She is the author of  a number of books including Living Food - A feast for soil & soul published by Unbound


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