Introduction to Floral Embroidery

10:00am — 11:30am

Make and Learn Workshop Template

Introduction to floral embroidery

This workshop will include a basic introduction to simple embroidery stitches and you will be completing a small embroidery of a floral motif - on offer are honeysuckle or a fern design.

This embroidery workshop includes all the necessary things to complete the embroidery - threads, design, hoop, needle, and expertise! You will be able the completed 'kit' including the hoop home with you. 

About Fernie's Garden

Fernie's Garden came into existence, as many new businesses did, through the lockdown and my personal need to find something to do that both gave an outlet for creativity and helped calm anxiety. It combines the inspiration I have from my garden plants and flowers and a newfound love of embroidery. I hand draw each design from sketches made of my garden plants. I find that the actual making of the kit is a therapeutic way to spend time and soothes all kinds of stresses due to the methodical and repetitive nature of creating something beautiful. As an amateur myself I endeavour to make each design accessible to all levels of an embroiderer - I provide online help and full instructions that are easy to follow. Either the finished pieces or the kits are the perfect, personalised gift for your loved one, a gift that they can treasure for ever!

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