'Walk Better for You!' Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a new way of walking that can improve health, well-being, and quality of life

Much more is known now about the health & wellbeing benefits of brisk walking to exercise your mind and body. 

As merely an enhanced form of natural walking, Nordic walking is suitable for all abilities and ages of people, who can walk swinging their arms. Whether you walk unaided, with a stick, or with one or two trekking poles, there are ways to improve how your body moves over the ground by making the movement more natural, mindful, and have a purpose.

Come and find out more about your posture, gait, stride, coordination, balance, strength, and breathing. 

Join a 'Walk Better for You' session, which starts at One Garden Brighton on our Event Lawns and is then taken around the walls of the garden and potentially out into wider areas of Stanmer Park.

Each session runs for 45 minutes and can include poles if required, working in small groups to allow for high-quality teaching, enabling you to walk away confident and ready to tackle Nordic Walking. 

Wednesdays 2 pm until 2.45 pm
Saturdays 12.15 pm until 1 pm

To check available slots and book your space email peter@nordicwalkingforhealth.co.uk