World Gin Day with Georgie & Henners

  • June 2023
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It's no secret that we love local suppliers, and World Gin Day is the perfect excuse to team up with local gin producer, Georgie & Henners. 

G&H Spirits was launched in 2021 by Katie Overton-Hart and is based in Steyning, West Sussex. G&H Spirits is driven by Katie's relentless hard work following the loss of a career in events during the pandemic. G&H Spirits is named after her two children, Georgie (George) and Henners (Henry). As well as three multi award winning gins, she has added to the range with an ever expanding collection of liqueurs using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients to create some delicious show-stopping spirits. We are proud to say that G&H Spirits is available in both our Market and Kitchen at One Garden Brighton.


Please could you tell us a little bit about your story-how did you get into gin making?
I’ve always been interested in craft, small batch spirits but considered myself an enthusiast with an indulgent hobby. That was, until the pandemic hit and my career in corporate events disappeared overnight. The opportunity then created itself to turn a passion into a brand, which is how G&H Spirits was born. I often get asked ‘why G&H Spirits?’. G & H stands for Georgie and Henners, named after my two boys. So it seemed only right to name the third love of my life, after the first two. As our strapline says, it is literally, ‘What We Stand For’.

What’s your all-time favourite gin cocktail?
So many delicious options! Gin is so versatile so it’s a hard choice, but a summer favourite is the ‘One Garden’ we designed especially for One Garden Brighton. This is a delicious serve using our BST gin (British Summer Time), Folkingtons cloudy apple juice and elderflower. A perfect long drink for lazy summer days…

What inspires you when creating new products?
Authenticity. The complete G&H Spirits range is one hundred percent natural; no artificial colours or flavours. For example, our popular Lemon Gino has two and a half lemons (juice and zest) in every 50cl bottle. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity and we use a minimal amount of botanicals in our gins so you can actually taste what you’re drinking.

What have been your favourite projects to work on?
I’m constantly growing and evolving the brand, it’s always a work in progress. Everything we do is quite playful and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Every aspect of the brand is considered, whether it’s the spirits themselves, our merchandise or our relatability. Our Drinks with Spirit range was inspired by celebrating differences and is very much a reflection on my own way of thinking. You’ll also notice my dry sense of humour creeping in; it’s a fun product range, so why not indulge in that.

What can people do to support small businesses?
I always say, anytime anyone purchases from a small producer, it’s a win for all of us. The love, attention, pride and passion that has gone into a craft or artisan product just can’t be compared to mass-produced products. I appreciate it’s a tough time for everyone at the moment, but anytime you can support a small business, please know that it really is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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