Sustainability Festival

  • April 2023

Our Sustainability Festival will bring people together to spark meaningful conversations about our planet.

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Our Sustainability Festival will bring people together to spark meaningful conversations about our planet. With a curated selection of stalls, talks, workshops, children's activities and locally sourced food and drink we will explore practical ways of contributing to a greener future.

Working collaboratively with local charities, businesses and organisations we will bring together our community to connect and enjoy nature. One Garden Brighton supports the local community to build skills and inspire sustainable change. We welcome community groups to use the gardens and historic buildings for their events and workshops, as well as utilising our expert teams to learn more about the benefits of being in a green space.

We’d like to take you on a whistle-stop tour of just a few of the amazing groups that will be there on the day:

Youngwilders | Young people for a wilder UK

Youngwilders is a non-profit focused on (1) accelerating the rewilding of the UK and (2) involving young people in the rewilding movement. Over 80% of UK young people are eager to take action to help the environment but only 1 in 5 believe they are being listened to on environmental issues. The Youngwilders’ mission is to involve as many young people as possible in restoring the UK’s ecological health by keeping youth involvement at the core of every project they do. To name a few, their success stories include creating a wildflower meadow in Rye, biodiverse hedgerow creation in Horsham and woodland pasture restoration in Pounce Hall.

Brighton Permaculture Trust

Inspiring, connecting, learning: for people and planet to flourish is the motto of the Brighton Permaculture Trust, perfectly encapsulating the incredible work they do to promote greener lifestyles and sustainable development through design. Based in our very own Stanmer Park, their ethos is to improve social, economic and envrironmental conditions for the lives in their community. By running a series of eco-build courses, collaborating on events such as the Sustainability Festival and growing and using fruit, they reach a range of objectives that further support sustainable change.

Compost Club

Compost Club social enterprise with a focus on soil regeneration, food waste emissions reduction and education. They want to introduce as many people to the world of composting and the many benefits it brings to our soil, air quality and water systems. As featured in House & Gardens and Gardens Illustrated, the Compost Club want to reconnect people to a natural nutrient cycling system that we see throughout the observable natural world, redefining people as a part of nature, not apart from it. After studying the soil food web with Dr. Elaine Ingham, Michael Kennard demonstrated that we can produce an abundance of food and biodiversity from  a degraded piece of land by regenerating and building soil health.

To book your free place for the Sustainability Festival click here.

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